Fuelcell Fuel subsidy, simply punishment for Nigerians – Prophet Ariole 1

During a midweek service in Effurun, Prophet Austin Ariole, the General Overseer of Goshen Freedom Tabernacle (GFT) in Delta State, expressed his belief that the removal of fuel subsidy is another form of punishment inflicted upon Nigerian citizens. He lamented the adverse effects this decision has had on the people, leading to increased poverty as their incomes have not risen in tandem with the removal of the subsidy.

The prophet highlighted the disappearing nature of the fuel, stating that purchasing 10 liters and using it up within three hours is unjust. This phenomenon, he claimed, further adds to the burden faced by individuals. Criticizing both past and present governments for their failed agendas, Prophet Ariole suggested that if subsidy payments are to be discontinued, the people should not continue to suffer as a consequence.

The cleric also drew attention to the prevailing issues of high unemployment, insecurity, corruption, and severe economic hardships in the country, attributing them to the wickedness of mankind. In order for Nigeria to overcome this wickedness and endure, he advocated for the consideration of profound and thoughtful ideas.

Prophet Ariole called upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his advisors to heed the voice of reason and guide the nation into what he referred to as the “Ark of God,” symbolizing an institution of discipline.